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Create an Excel export from a HubSpot object

Custom-Coded Workflow Action, Operations Pro/Ent



The imports and exports API is pretty new in HubSpot but it adds many new capabilities. 

The exports API is particularly useful for grabbing an Excel file of a specific object type. This code snippet does exactly that and is ideally combined with a scheduled workflow action in Operations Hub Professional/Enterprise. A common use case is to back up data in another system or handle some internal reporting process that depends on static snapshots at specific time intervals. 



Language: JavaScript

const axios = require('axios');
const accessToken = process.env.secretName;
exports.main = async (event, callback) => {
const propertyName = "email";
  const propertyValue = event.inputFields['propertyValue'];
  const objectType = "contact";
  const apiUrl = '';
  const headers = {
    authorization: `Bearer ${accessToken}`,
    'content-type': 'application/json'
  const data = {
    exportType: 'VIEW',
    exportName: `Recurring export of ${objectType} from HubSpot`,
    format: 'xlsx',
    language: 'EN',
    objectType: objectType,
    objectProperties: [
    publicCrmSearchRequest: {
      filters: [
          value: propertyName,
          propertyName: propertyValue,
          operator: 'EQ'
      sorts: [
          propertyName: 'createdate',
          order: 'DSC'
    .post(apiUrl, data, { headers })
    .then(response => {
      const exportId =;
      console.log("The export ID is: " + exportId);
        outputFields: {
          exportId: exportId
    .catch(error => {

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