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Count the number of multicheck options selected

Custom-Coded Workflow Action, Operations Pro/Ent



In our work at SpotDev, we keep encountering scenarios where our clients need to know the number of options selected in a multicheck property. 

For example, a company might contain information about the specific products a customer has purchased - the client needs that information and their reporting needs to know the total number of products they have. 

You can solve this problem a few ways. But, if you want to do so with a custom-coded workflow action, this function will count the number of items ticked/checked on a multicheck property and output the value as an int. 

You can then use a standard workflow action to copy the value of your output to a number property. 





exports.main = async (event, callback) => {

  const valueList = event.inputFields['valueList'];

  let valueCount;

  const allValues = valueList.split(';');

  valueCount = allValues.length;



  console.log(`Number of values selected is ${valueCount}`);



    outputFields: {

      valueCount: valueCount




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