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Create a batch of records

Serverless Function, CMS Enterprise



This function allows you to create a batch of contacts as a serverless function in CMS Enterprise. 

You'll need to send the data from the front end of your application/site. This specific code assumes that you're doing so in a payload very similar to how the HubSpot API expects it. If that's not the case, you'll want to add a function to transform the payload before triggering the axios. 



Language: JavaScript


const axios = require('axios');

const accessToken = `Bearer 1234`; // Make sure you're using secrets to populate this variable


exports.main = (context, sendResponse) => {

let objectType = "contact";

  const url = `${objectType}/batch/create`;

  const headers = {

    'Authorization': accessToken,

    'Content-Type': 'application/json'



  const inputData = context.body.inputs; // Extract the inputs array from the received data

  const formattedData = { inputs: [] }; // Initialize an empty object with inputs property


  // Iterate over each input object and format it as required


// If your front-end isn't sending fully structured data, you might need to do additional processing with this.

// You will want to adjust this for loop to handle the properties of your records 

  for (const input of inputData) {

    const formattedInput = {

      properties: {


        firstname: input.firstname,

        lastname: input.lastname



    formattedData.inputs.push(formattedInput); // Push the formatted input to the new array

  }, formattedData, { headers })

    .then(response => {

      console.log('Batch create successful');

      sendResponse({ body:, statusCode: 200 });


    .catch(error => {

      console.log('Batch create error');


 // You will want more sophisticated error handling here

      sendResponse({ body: error.message, statusCode: 400 });




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