The improved HubSpot and DocuSign integration

HubSpot's Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise includes the ability to send e-sign quotes. This is great for a standardised process but some use cases require more complex documents. For that scenario, one popular tool is DocuSign. 

DocuSign has long been integrated into HubSpot but this recent update adds a middle-pane card allowing users to: 

  • view all relevant DocuSign envelopes
  • manage associations for envelopes
  • create and attach new DocuSign envelopes directly from the card. 

The improved DocuSign integration with HubSpot

If your business requires complex or bespoke contracts, or simply isn't a fit for HubSpot's native e-signature tools, then this improvement to the DocuSign integration is well worth further investigation. 

If you'd like support implementing the integration, then you're in the right place. SpotDev specialises in HubSpot integrations. Why not look at our Support Block service to find out how we can help you get up and running

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