How to integrate HubSpot live chat onto your website

How to add live chat with lead conversion settings onto your website

The following knowledge base article will show you how to add HubSpot live chat to your web pages so that you can communicate with potential customers in real time.


Add live chat:

  1. On the top menu in HubSpot click on “Conversations”, “Chatflows”.
  2. At the top right click “Create chatflow”.
  3. Select “Website”, “Live chat”, and click Next.
  4. If you have more than one inbox connected to HubSpot, you can choose which inbox you would like your live chat conversations to be stored.
  5. Select Who on your team will be shown in the live chat and set the automatic welcome message.
  6. You can choose to automatically assign conversations to specific team members as well as ask visitors for their email address.
  7. Select your display options at the bottom and then click “Who” on the left menu bar.
  8. Decide who should see this chatflow and then click “When” on the left menu bar.
  9. You can now select on which pages on your website you would like your live chat to be displayed on.
  10. Once you are happy, finally select “Options” on the left menu bar and choose your language and privacy settings.
  11. Once you are done you can then switch on your live chat using the slider at the top right.


Make sure that your website has either the HubSpot tracking code added to the pages with your live chat, or you have installed the HubSpot plugin if it is available for your web platform in order to activate live chat.


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