4 Vloggers To Watch Out For In 2015

In 2014 the world of Blogging and Vlogging really took off. With hundreds and thousands of Vloggers and Bloggers emerging, I thought I’d sum up a few of my favourites who are on the cusp of internet stardom in 2015.


Photographer, Stylist, Editor, Blogger, Vlogger and Fashion Lecturer - it’s fair to say Victoria from InTheFrow is pretty clued up on what’s hot and what’s not in the world of fashion. In fact, 2015 marks the beginning of a fully-fledged Blogging/Vlogging career for Victoria who is now signed to Gleam (a leading digital talent agency) where she’ll be able to focus purely on her site and channel. With a collective mix of all things fashion and beauty this pint sized, purple haired, digital princess can boast over 160k in YouTube subscribers. What’s in store for 2015? Well, she joined fellow big time Blogger/Vloggers FleurDeForce and BeautyCrush in hosting the E! Golden Globes Watch Along Party – a pretty big deal for the girl next door, and I can see only bigger things to come for her in 2015.


Ella, 19 started her digital career on YouTube in 2013 creating short and sweet Vlogs, usually featuring advice to her followers in her signature naturally comedic tone. After a short break on her channel from a gap year abroad, Ella took down her videos and announced a new project – WeNeedToLiveMore, a site that promotes happy living and healthy choices. Clean and very aesthetically pleasing, you’ll find everything from advice blogs to pancake recipes, adventure stories and sustainable skincare. It would be wrong not to mention, that Ella’s boyfriend is Jack Harries – half of twin duo JacksGap – a YouTube channel that creates content for almost 4 million subscribers. In fact, Ella is the same Ella mentioned in one of JacksGap’s most popular video titled ‘A film for Ella’ a film where Jack travels across the world to surprise his girl - pretty sweet. In the future it would be hard not to see Ella working with brands that promote the same values she holds, maybe even looking at creating a book that showcases her incredible photography along with her recipes and advice to happy-hippy living.

Steve Booker

Steve made his YouTube debut on best friend and daily Vlogger Louis Cole’s channel a few years back. Louis Vlogs his life daily as he travels across the world with a backpack, camera and penny board. The pair, along with other best friend and Vlogger/kayaking Olympian Ben Brown, often share their days of skating, coffee drinking and adventuring to a legion of Louis’ fans who were continually encouraging Steve to start his own channel. Steve now creates weekly content for almost 120k YouTube subscribers. Videos include: ‘I’m growing a Moustache?!’, ‘London Fashion Weekend’, ‘48hrs in Monaco’ and even an USA Road trip series, where his friends bought a school bus on eBay and travelled the Great States. Steve’s content is an eclectic mix of the adventures and lifestyle of a 20 something male living in London. Turkish airlines even got in touch with Steve and Louis to offer them an adventure of a lifetime; a 1st class round-the-world ticket each. All under the premise they Vlog the trip and their experience with Turkish Airlines. With that in mind, I’m sure we’ll only see more adventures from Steve and his friends in 2015.

Jack & Dean

All round funny men, comedy duo Jack and Dean have amassed over 400k subscribers on their YouTube channel. The boys have made quite a name for themselves online with their comedic sketches and round ups of topics and comedic music videos. In fact the guys have really impressed with the BBC offering them a spot on Radio 1’s Sunday night YouTube slot. But they’re not the only organisation getting involved with J&D, In their music video – ‘Consent’ they worked with comedian Katherine Ryan, The Soho Theatre and even TopMan! So what’s next for the boys in 2015? Well I’d happily put my money on an appearance on a panel show, a further UK tour and more hysterical content to come.

What Next?

It’s undeniable that consumers are becoming rapidly more influenced by social media with Bloggers and Vloggers acting as middlemen between companies and their customers. In 2014, we saw so many successful partnerships between brands and digital content creators that it’s plain to see a real shift in the focuses of both PR and marketing. With thousands of Vloggers and Bloggers out there, covering almost every topic you can think of, if you’re wondering whether there is a Vlogger/Blogger suitable for your brand, the answer is almost certainly - “Yes” - and the only way to find them is to start searching.

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