SpotDev Support

What type of support is included?

What type of support is included in my SpotDev Support block?

The type of support included depends on the package you ahve chosen however there are two support types currently avaialble. HubSpot Admin Support or HubSpot Admin support with HubSpot Developer support. 

if you are unsure which support type you ahve access to please contact SpotDev Support

Work covered by the HubSpot Admin support type

  • Workflow creation​ (that does require custom coded actions)
  • Report and dashboard creation​
  • Email creation (using existing templates/modules)​
  • Landing page/Webpage building (using existing templates/modules)​
  • Form creation​
  • List creation​
  • Platform troubleshooting​
  • Permissions and custom views
  • HubSpot strategy and best practice (how to get the most out of your HubSpot platform)

Work covered by the HubSpot Developer support type

Please note you must purchase the HubSpot Admin support to be eligible to purchase the HubSpot Developer support.

  • Custom-Coded Workflow Actions​
  • CRM Cards​
  • CMS Custom Modules​
  • CMS Custom Templates​
  • CMS Custom Themes​
  • HubDB Development