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Recurring vs Draw down support blocks

What is the difference between a 'draw down' and 'recurring' support block?

Monthly 'Recurring' Support block

  • Support hours re-set on the 1st of each month​
  • Support hours purchased are gaurenteed and are reserved with the support team
  • Hours do not roll over from month to month​
  • Hours cannot be saved for future months​


Draw down support block​

  • This is a total number of hours that can be utilised at any time over a longer period of time. ​
  • When you have used all these hours, you can choose to purchase another block of hours to draw down or move to a monthly recurring support block model​
  • Hours do roll over form month to month​
  • Hours can be saved for future months
  • Hours are not reserved due to the ad-hoc nature of the agreement. This means when a request is made for new work the team will book this in to the next available 'slot'.